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In need of additional hardware or our services? We can advice and supply the hardware that is perfect for your needs. We can pre install all your software and content for a turnkey solution. We can even help you at events with our trained VR staff. With multiple years of experience in the Virtual Reality industry we are experienced in all these aspects.

Samsung Gear VR
Xiaomi VR
HTC Vive
Pico VR


Order your hardware directly with us.


We can prepare the hardware so everything is ready-to-use for you.


With our trusted third party shipping companies we can arrange worldwide distribution.

(Online) Training

To train your people how to handle the hard- & software.

Custom setups

Looking for something more adapted to your needs? We have done so for many different clients already. Contact us for the possibilities.



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Virtual Reality and Covid-19

EZ360 got you covered!

Organizing a Virtual Reality experience during Covid-19 can be challenging. However, with our hygienic solutions, you can adapt to the circumstances and still ensure a safe and comfortable VR event. The most advanced solution we offer is the VR cleanbox, which makes use of UV technology to clean 99.99% of the bacteria on the VR headsets. Contact us for more information and other possibilities.

VR Cleanbox: UV technology cleaning

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