The ultimate VR video player

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Looking for a powerful and easytouse 360 video player and content management system?

Look no further than EZ360.

Our platform is designed to make managing your videos and content a breeze.

Our player provides a powerful and engaging viewing experience no matter what VR headset you are using.

Free and paid plans
Setup in minutes
No credit card required

Automatic VR Player

Easy to use! Content starts automatically or users can conveniently select what to play.

White-label VR player

Customize how the VR player looks and behaves so it perfectly matches your branding and use case!

VR management

Easily add, change or delete VR content on multiple VR headsets at once. All easily managed via your web browser!

Built-in features

VR Sync to organize a VR cinema, collection of analytical data, VR App Distribution and much more. EZ360 has it all!

Companies that trust us


Simple, easy to use, and reliable

EZ360 aims to enable organizations to use VR content on a large scale. Join today and bring your business to the next level with Virtual Reality!

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Core Features of EZ360

✔ Cloud-based CMS

Manage your VR content using our Content Management System, simply via your web browser.

✔ Offline playback (no WiFi required)

Once content is downloaded you do not need an internet connection to access the content again.

✔ Encryption protection

Your content is secure and you are in control who can access it.

✔ Unlimited up/download data transfer*

*Upload new content into your account anytime, and download the content to your VR headsets as much as needed.

✔ Account management

You can become an admin to manage other accounts. Especially useful for video creators that have multiple clients that use EZ360.

✔ Analytics

The number of times content was viewed, the average time content was viewed, and when the content was last viewed.

✔ Kiosk mode

When you enable our kiosk mode functionality, the VR Player opens automatically when the VR headset boots up. Also, users won’t be able to close the VR application. Have your own custom VR application (.apk file)? No worries, you can still make use of that through EZ360!

✔ Content auto-start

The VR content or 360 video starts automatically when someone puts on the VR-headset. No user actions required!

✔ Automatic restart for next user

Videos will reset to the beginning when someone takes off the headset. Once someone picks up the headset again, the video will start automatically.

✔ VR Sync

Start a VR experience on multiple headsets at exactly the same time.

✔ VR App Distribution

Manage, distribute and start your custom VR applications (.apk files) across all your VR headsets.

✔ No controller needed

All you need is your headset. If you prefer using the controller, you can enable this setting via the CMS in the EZ360 portal.

✔ Easy content selection

All you need is your headset. Your viewers do not need to use the controllers.

✔ Create playlists with different content

Useful to separate content in for example different themes, departments or language versions.

✔ Custom logo

Add your custom logo to the content selection screen.

✔ Custom thumbnails

Upload a custom image to use as a thumbnail when selecting VR content in the EZ360 VR Player.

✔ Custom 360° background

Upload a 360° image to use as the background in the content selection screen.

✔ Subtitles

Simply upload the .srt subtitle file. Monoscopic videos only.

✔ Spatial audio

Support for spatial audio with .tbe files is supported.

✔ 360° & 180° videos
✔ 2D Traditional videos
✔ Mono- and stereoscopic
✔ Custom VR applications (.apk)
✔ Resolution up to 8K
✔ Up to 60 fps

*Limited by fair use

How the VR player works

With the EZ360  your content will automatically start as soon as the user puts on the VR headset! If you have more than one piece of content, the user can easily select which piece of content to start by either looking into the right direction or using the controller.

  • Content starts automatically
  • EZ360 force starts when the VR headset boots up (if kiosk mode enabled)
  • Prevents users from (accidentally) closing EZ360
  • Intuitive content selection menu to start specific content
  • Easily customize design and behaviour of EZ360
  • Built-in VR Sync functionality
  • Support for videos and VR apps
  • Content stored locally on the VR headsets: no WiFi required

The video shows how EZ360 could help you to easily showcase your VR content to your audience.


How the CMS works

The management and distribution of your VR content and headsets is covered by the EZ360 Content Management System (CMS). You can easily upload your VR content into your own account via our online web portal. This content then automatically becomes available on all your connected VR devices!

  • Manage your content and VR headsets
  • Automatically push content to your VR headsets
  • Remove content from lost or stolen devices
  • Create device groups for easy management of VR headsets
  • Control your VR Cinema using the VR Sync interface
  • Adjust the settings and design of the VR player
  • Gather analytical data on your VR content

The video shows how EZ360 could help you with the management, distribution and playback of your VR content!

Pricing plans

Receive a 30% discount with annual billing!

US Dollars
  • Free plan

  • $ 0 lifetime
    0 lifetime

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    2 GB
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Starter

  • $ 54 monthly*
    49 monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    5 GB
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Professional

  • $ 109 Monthly*
    99 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    10 GB
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Business

  • $ 219 Monthly*
    199 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    20 GB
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Enterprise

  • $ 329 Monthly*
    299 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    40 GB
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Custom

  • $ ...

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    40 GB +
  • Kiosk Mode VR Player
  • Content Management System
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label

*Cancel, pause or change a subscription at any time.


Common use cases

VR experience at an event or fair

VR experience at an event 


Offering a hassle free and professional VR experience at an event or tradeshow is crucial.  EZ360 makes the experience smooth and worry free, with our automatic/ kiosk-mode.

The use of a controller or WiFi to start the experience is NOT required and you could remotely manage the playback using our built-in VR Sync feature.

On top of that you can easily match EZ360 with the event theme or your own branding by uploading a custom logo and 360-degree background!

Education and training

Education and training


Managing your VR headsets and content can be challenging in an education or training environment.

By using EZ360, you can organize your VR content and hardware through our CMS.

No matter if it is a 360-degree video, a regular video, or a custom VR application it can be managed and deployed using EZ360.

From the CMS, you can add new content, headsets, playlists, and device groups. Also, you can check detailed usage analytics and start a synchronized VR experience.

By using the EZ360 VR Player you can make sure that the playback of your content to the learner happens smoothly, and in high quality and completely under your own branding!

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing


VR can be a great tool for sales and marketing.

For it to be effective, it has to be easy for the user to start the experience. With EZ360, you can be certain that your content starts automatically as soon as the headsets has been put on.

Utilizing the built In VR Sync feature, the content will play as soon as you press the play button.

Have multiple headsets or sales/marketing campaigns running? No problem, via our online CMS you have the ability to easily organize and manage all your VR headsets and content!

Health care

Health care


The possibilities of VR within health care are endless.

VR is often new for both the patient and the health care practitioner.

EZ360 can be used for the preparation and setting up of VR experiences, by easily adding new headsets, content, making playlists and device groups.

Then EZ360 takes care of the playback to ensure an easy and smooth experience for all users.

Real estate and architecture

Real estate and architecture

Virtual Reality opens up new ways of exploring existing or upcoming real estate projects.

In the process of exploring these VR environments, it is important that the user has a hassle-free experience.

By using EZ360 you simply put on the VR headset and EZ360 will take care of the rest.

EZ360 can be used to add new content, mange headsets, playlists and device groups.

Also you can track analytics, adjust the look of the player and even organize synchronized VR experiences!

VR Content production

VR Content production

Producing interesting and high quality content is essential for VR content creators.

However, the way at which the content is distributed by the client and how it is delivered to the viewer in the end is just as important to ensure a successful experience.

For this, EZ360 can help. The CMS  takes care of headset management, content management, white-labeling the VR Player, analytics and much more.

The VR Player ensures that content will be played on the VR headsets smoothly, in high quality and across multiple devices simultaneously when using VR Sync. You can even use it for sharing drafts with your clients, since the CMS can automatically push the most recent version to your clients VR headset!


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